Being an exhibition stall designing company that is based out of Delhi, we have earned reputation and thus, an impressive growth of business in the field of exhibition stall designing and exhibition stall fabrication in all the Metropolitan areas that include Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Goa. There have been multiple achievements bagged by the company, of which there exists an extraordinary and exemplary feat of creating more than 4 stalls at one single exhibition that spanned a carpet area of more than 2000 units. These kind of targets are quite familiar and normal for us as there have been furthermore accolading to our journey which consists of Acetech 2017 - Delhi, Indiawood 2018 - Bangalore, and Fitex 2018 - Greater Noida.

From the recent past, we are willing to satisfy our hunger for creative exhibition stall works across the borders and thus, earn fame internationally. Through this process, we have successfully expanded our services to clients from multiple nations such as the UK, the USA, Thailand, Dubai and many more. Exhibitions, however, are an important medium for business generation and is usually more effective than the other market communications and strategies for various obvious reasons.

MIDIACRAAFT being the leader of the industry that deals with exhibition stall designs in major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad, offers a range of exhibition design services that include booth designing and fabrication. From modular to customized designs, we guarantee you a unique solution for your exhibition stand design as we are packed with some greatly talented in-house team that comprises of the exhibition stand and stall designers. We try to take every measure in delivering you the exhibition booth designs that are right on the meter with your values yet keeping the stands functional completely.

How We Work


A prototype can be built at our state-of-the-art workshop to give you confidence about our installation procedures and in this way, errors can be eliminated. We have a complete knowledge about what it takes to manage and organize events and our experience creates wonders. Our approach is unique and trustworthy as we give preference to the client demands and work accordingly. From concept to the creation of exhibition design, we are there at each of the steps and what makes it more convincing is that our exhibition stand builders are exceptional on-site. Thus, with us, design meets reality along with your expectations

Our Process to Design Exhibition Stall

We value our customer expectations and we understand that the marketing and business goals are very important part of them. Thus, we are right on track by adhering to the requirements from the first step itself.

  • We begin the exhibition stall designing projects only after we have a complete clarification on specifications like the vision, booth design expectations and budgetary limitations.
  • This helps in devising stall design and management solutions that perfectly meet the needs of our esteemed client.
  • After having an understanding of the client specifications, our next step is to make the 3D design layout.
  • The next step after the approval of the 3D design is the actual exhibition stall design at the workshop which is developed by experienced professionals. The most difficult part about the job is that it requires a high level of dexterity and precision while designing the stall.
  • Keeping up to our reputation of being a leading exhibition stall design company in Delhi, we prove ourselves to our clients and keep up to their expectations.
  • To avoid any kind of hassles in the last minute, we let our clients have a demo of the stall on the site and also ship the booth to the exhibition site.
  • Our technical experts install the booth in the most adequate manner, hence we overcome any kind of difficulties.
  • When the exhibition is over, we also pack the stall without any damages. For the modular stalls, we offer ware housing and stall packing services.
  • We ensures that your stall remains in great condition even after the show.

Custom Stalls


We, at MIDIACRAAFT are proud to present ourselves as a leading stall fabricator in Delhi and Mumbai, as we stick to the client's requirements and specifications that leave them satisfied and happy. Another trademark feature that comes packed with our services is the way we set it up to create an aura of professionalism in identity and thus, shaping the goals of the company. Since, clients are at the top end of the priority, all our efforts are aimed to maximise the benefits they avail while strengthening their brands at the same time.

Our team of professional 3D designers make marvelous stands ultimately delivering to the client requirements. Our exhibition stall designers in Delhi and Mumbai are smart enough to interpret the needs of the clients, and ultimatley bring more advantage to the brand through their works. We keep our services worthwhile by practicing the below mentioned procedures.

  • Obtaining a clear brief from the client, for decorations of the stall.
  • Estimating different aspects of the stall including costing .
  • Developing the stall from scratch to making it ready for transportation.
  • Next is the display of the stand that is to be made ready for shipping and transportation.
  • After that, the stand gets installed at the spot and becomes the center of attraction for the visitors.

Why custom stalls?

A custom exhibition stall would allow a company to let it's image to be reflected in a much healthy, personalized and effective way. By customizing a design, the company’s entire corporate identity gets portrayed and expressed on the stall in a more flexible manner. Adding to that, with a custom exhibition stall, creativity could be explored to great heights in a stall according to brand guidelines. Thus, from a designer perspective, a custom stall would be strong and powerful in drawing leads to the business than the counterpart stalls.